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James Burns Jr. 1st pl 110HH St. Anthonys invite

May 4, 2014

James Burns Jr. 1st pl 110m HH St. Anthonys invite 2014

Are Athlete really getting Bigger Faster Stronger?

May 2, 2014

Why I won’t give up sugar for Lent

March 7, 2014

Im not Catholic but I thought this was a cool post! Please read and share!

Fellow Passengers

Picture4 It starts with the slide of the door along carpet. The little footsteps. My glance at the clock proves right – it’s too early to be up.

Anger rolls over beside me, rubbing its eyes.

We eat breakfast, and the yogurt is the wrong color. The wind is sending ghostly whips of snow across the yard. The twins wake up in the middle of my first cup of coffee, owlish and out of sorts. The laundry pile has reached epic proportions. There’s enough milk for one more bowl of cereal.

Anger simmers, waiting.

And then it happens. My toddler and I square off against something meaningless – not wanting to wear pants, giving up her nook, taking something from her baby sisters.


I fear this ever-present emotion that overtakes me most days. Honestly, it makes me want to give up. Until today. Because today, I’m deciding to give…

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Congrats to Katie Muldoon

February 24, 2014

Nike 120 Elite girls’ recruiting event: Players reaction, SPARQ winners

01/20/2014 BY 

By Chris Goldberg, Posted 1/20/14

A group of 240 of the top 2016 and 2017 girls’ lacrosse players from the East Coast competed Saturday and Sunday in the Nike Elite 120 at The Indoor Sports Pavilion in Randolph, N.J.

The invite-only event drew 94 Division I coaches as 120 players in each class participated in SPARQ Testing in four events and then a two-day championship tournament.

One of the highlight players was Garden City (N.Y.) 2016 midfielder Katie Muldoon (Long Island Top Guns), who had the top times in two of the SPARQ events (20-yard dash at 2.96 seconds and 5-10-10-5 Agility at 6.5 seconds) while adding a fifth in the Powerball (40.1 feet). She was 13th in the Vertical Leap (27.8). Muldoon – who competed in the event last year – also was a member of the 2016 team champion Eagles.

Nike 120 champion Eagles (2016) with Katie Muldoon (top row, third from left with white headband)


“I was familiar with the testing because of last year, however, it was a little different this year,” said Muldoon. “Regardless, I wanted to do even better this year, which I was able to do because of my winter track training. I was really excited about my results and it helped me gain confidence as the games began.”

Muldoon said her team, guided by Radnor (PA) coach Brooke Fritz, worked together.

“Our team was successful because of our teamwork,” Muldoon said. “Our coach told us ‘make our teammates look even better then yourself’ which really made us work together and play like a team. I thought I played well because I didn’t worry about the number of goals I scored; instead, I worked as hard as I could and hustled to help my team be successful.

Amechi Egbe accept award for Outstanding Open Athlete for USA Track and Field Long Island

February 23, 2014

USA Track & Field Long Island Association – 2014 USATF Long Island Awards Brunch

February 23, 2014

USA Track & Field Long Island Association – 2014 USATF Long Island Awards Brunch.


H.S. Freshman Donovan Tulloch wins 200m Dash 24.04

February 21, 2014

H.S. Freshman Donovan Tulloch wins 200m Dash 24.04

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