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Creative Training Systems Athletic Development Company was started  in 2003 and then officially registered as a company in march of 2006.  CTS is the brain child of Dwayne Johnson. In his quest to assist athletes in reaching their full potential, he recognized several components of a person/Athlete and their environment needed to be assessed and developed. This required a very creative , conventional and unconventional approach to help athletes perform better!

Athletic development requires a comprehensive approach if the goal is to reach and/or increase potential. Our mission is to influence the internal and external environment of athlete using tools such as nutrition, strength training, corrective exercise and mental training.
One of the components of our philosophy that is emphasized at C.T.S. Performance is Adaptive Program Design.
Our approach adapts to the athletes. Athletes are trained according to their needs.
Training to become positive contributors to your sport/team and self is also a major principle in our philosophy.

At  C.T.S. we love developing “ATHLETES”  .
The goal of C.T.S. is to provide the resources you need to achieve your goals!

C.T.S Athletic Performance co. provides various services to a wide variety of athletes and people of any age.

Our philosophy is: “We increase the Athletic ability of our clients to the highest levels so that they will be prepared to return to any well structured program and overachieve”.

The pillars our training are as follows:

Knowledge of Sport/Activity





Services we Provide:

Strength and Power Training        Mobility and Flexibility           Linear and Multi-directional speed development

Core Training                                      Vertical Jump                               40yd dash improvement

Footbal Combine Training

College Prep Program for High School Athletes

Off season development and maintenance for College and Post Collegiate Athletes

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